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Jenny Brown is an American pianist and begun playing the piano at the age of 5.  Drawn to all kinds of music early on with an older brother who bought all the latest pop/rock albums and a piano teacher that exposed her to all the great classical composers.  A lot of music comes from classical roots, so learning classical & popular music was a challenge that made her a better musician.  Playing by ear came easily, but she was also classically trained for 15 years, minoring in music in college.  

Jenny's an exceptionally gifted pianist, composer & arranger.  After being encouraged by a mentor, Michael Silverman (Autumn Hill Records), she began releasing cover & original works 5+ years ago.  Not all popular songs sound good on solo piano, most can be repetitive and boring if you don't re-arrange a bit an add something interesting.  She chooses songs that have a personal connection and is always listening to new music...there are so many talented people releasing music that isn't in the mainstream.  

Musical interests span over several genres, musical influences are too many to name, but a few include Elton John, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, Frederic Chopin & a variety of score composers, Danny Elfman & Rachel Portman.   

Jenny's focus is to continue to release classic cover songs & write original music perhaps to be used movies/tv/ads.  It's a great fit, as she is awesome at creating a mood. The music speaks for itself, take a listen, there's something for everyone on all music sites.  

You'll find her almost every week playing with the praise band at church, it's a way of sharing her gift in a positive way, and to work with gifted musicians. Jenny's style is easy to like & she is a popular performer for corporate events, weddings, special concerts and church. Social media & technology has allowed her music to be shared worldwide, & get honest feedback.  The  hard work is beginning to pay off as there are more and more releases & her popularity is beginning to rise.  She lives in St Louis with her husband and 2 sons. 

Aside from loving to play music, songwriting & arranging is something she would like to pursue further with other artists.  If you're interested in working with Jenny, drop an e-mail to  Thanks for listening!

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